Tuition and Financial Aid

2022-2023 Tuition

Registration Fee: $150 per child. For families registering 3 or more children, the fee is $100 per child, non-refundable.

Catholic/Parishioner Families – Kindergarten through 8th Grade

  • 1 Child $5,250 per year – 10 payments of $525
  • 2 Children $8,050 per year – 10 payments of $805
  • 3 Children $9,650 per year – 10 payments of $965
  • Additional child $2,000 per year

Non-Catholic/Non-Parishioner Families – Kindergarten through 8th Grade

  • 1 Child $5,750 per year – 10 payments of $575
  • 2 Children $8,550 per year – 10 payments of $855
  • 3 Children $10,150 per year – 10 payments of $1,015
  • Additional child $2,000 per year

(No additional fees for computer, books, etc.)

A non-parishioner fee will be charged to those Catholic families who can’t provide documentation stating they belong to a parish.

Important Details

  • 8th Grade Graduation fee is $300, due by February 15th.
  • A 5% discount is offered for payments in made in full by September 1st.
  • The First Payment is due by July 1st. Additional payments are due on the first of the month from September through May.

Payments must be made through FACTS, the online tuition system, by debit/credit, check or money order ONLY. There is a $45 enrollment fee through FACTS. No cash will be accepted. Late payments will incur a $25 late fee. Any returned checks for insufficient funds will incur a $35 fee. Any deviation from the above payment schedule requires a meeting with the Tuition Committee. Click here to read further information from FACTS Management.

Fundraising Obligation: The fundraising obligation is $300 per family. Percentages from each fundraising sale will be applied to fundraising obligation. Balance of fundraising obligation must be paid by May 15th.

Click on the link to download the tuition schedule.

Financial Aid

Tuition assistance is available! See our flyer here.  

Partial Financial aid is available for eligible students in grade K-8 who attend a Brooklyn or Queens Catholic School or Academy.

Families must meet financial eligibility requirements and be registered/enrolled for 2022-23 academic year to be considered. No consideration will be given for a family who has not completed the enrollment process. Only completed financial aid applications will be considered.

TO APPLY: Starting Monday, January 17, 2022 go to Note: Returning Teddy Forstmann recipients will receive instructions from Children’s Scholarship Fund. Do not apply through FACTS!

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE: March 31, 2022 for families who received an award last academic year; April 30, 2022, for new families.

SUPPORT & HELP: FACTS has been selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments for families that may need assistance paying tuition.

  • FACTS Applicant Support: Phone 866-441-4637
  • M-Th 8:30am- 8pm Est / Fri 8:30am-6pm Est
  • Email at


Futures in Education:

Children’s Scholarship Fund:

Ayuda Financiera

Ayuda Financiera Disponible. Ver el boletin aqui.

Ayuda financiera parcial está disponible para estudiantes elegibles en los grados K a 8, que asisten a una escuela o academia católica de Brooklyn o Queens.

Familias deben cumplir con los requisitos de elegibilidad financiera y estar inscritas en 2022-23 para ser consideradas. No se dará consideración a una familia que no haya completado el proceso de inscripción. Sólo se considerarán las solicitudes de ayuda financiera completadas.


A partir del 17 de enero de 2022 diríjase a

En el menú principal, seleccione SCHOLARSHIP (becas) y luego APPLY (aplicar) Nota: Familias que recibieron Teddy Forstmann el año pasado (20/21) recibirán

instructiones de parte de Children’s Scholarship Fund. No necesitan aplicar por FACTS!


31 de marzo de 2022: Para familias que recibieron una beca el año anterior

30 de abril de 2022: Para las familias nuevas


La compañía FACTS ha sido seleccionada por Futures in Education para llevar a cabo de manera justa y confidencial la evaluación de necesidad financiera para las familias que necesiten ayuda para pagar la colegiatura anual.

  • Ayuda al solicitante de FACTS: 866-412-4637
  • Lun-Jue 8:30am- 8pm EST / Vier 8:30am-6pm EST
  • Correo electrónico:


Futures in Education:

Children’s Scholarship Fund: