Important Information about TACHS Test

Dear Parents/Families,

I am sharing with you the information which was received about the TACHS exam from the Diocese.

We are now about 1-1/2 weeks away from our TACHS testing day, November 7th, in the Diocese of Brooklyn. 

Riverside, the testing company, is working diligently to provide a successful testing experience for students.

Please make sure to read all attachments on the website and the attached TACHS 2020- Student Handbook. 

Read and follow ALL directions provided when you receive the 10/31- “Test Session Code” email that will provide you with the day/time of testing and the test session code.  Adding the Chrome browser and Proctorio extension and doing the system pre-check and navigational tool, 3-4 days prior to testing is essential to ensuring a successful testing experience.  All this information will be included in the registered parents’ 10/31 email. The systems check can also be found in the attached Student Handbook, pages 6-7-8. 

You will begin receiving several emails from the Riverside testing company the week of TACHS with reminders and the email address that you should be on the lookout for and read is from the testing company at:

In addition, all three (3)-High School Choices must be entered by the deadline of 5 P.M. on November 5th, 2020 on the TACHS website at:

A confirmation email will be sent to you from the email address above.  Changes of high school choices can be made until that deadline and an updated confirmation email will be sent as well.  No extensions will be given beyond this due date.  If a parent does not submit their three (3) high school choices, then the student’s TACHS scores will not be able to go anywhere and the student will not receive admissions notices. 

If a student should be “kicked” out of the TACHS test on November 7th, they can log back in that day and resume where they left off – they will not lose any work.  If a student experiences local wifi issues, and cannot get back on, they will be assigned to a make-up date and will resume where they left off.  Students who require a make-up for any reason, will receive an email from Riverside for the TACHS make-up with the new test date/time and new test session code.  Please know that  the make-up date cannot be confirmed yet at this point in time .

You must read the documents and emails; if a parent/student doesn’t do the necessary set-up, there are no guarantees of successful testing.

Best of luck to our students.

Dr. Piro