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Faculty and Staff


Mr. Thomas R. Piro, Ph. D., Principal/Pre-K For All Director – [email protected]

Ms. Ariana Boston-Hill, Administrative Assistant/Pre-K For All Secretary – [email protected] 

Ms. Nubia Martinez, Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant –

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Administration

Reverend Francisco J. Walker – Administrator

Deacon Jose Contreras – Permanent Deacon

Mr. William Smiddy – Director of Music Ministry



Pre-K For All Program

Mrs. Jeanne-Marie Leeb – Lead Teacher – [email protected]

Mrs. Carolyn Gaynor  – Lead Teacher - [email protected] 

Mrs. Gwen McLernon – Lead Teacher – [email protected] 

Mrs. Mariane Frenzel – Teacher Aide

Mrs. Louise Connors – Teacher Aide

Mrs. Anny Garcia – Teacher Aide

Mrs. Josephine Pirozek – PreK for All Aide/PKA Liaison – [email protected]

“Every person is gifted in some area. We just have to find out what.” 

– Evelyn Blose Holman

STACA - Grades K - 8

Grade Kindergarten - Ms. Eleni Takos –

Grade 1 - Ms. Ashley Schuff –

Grade 2 - Ms. Erin Minnick –

Grade 3 - Mr. Edward Zinser -

Grade 4 - Mrs. Larissa Gargano-Callanan – [email protected]

Grade 5 - Mrs. Nikitha Bachu –

Grade 6 - Ms. Brittney Butler - [email protected]

Grade 7 - Mr. Matthew Guarriello –

Grade 8 - Mr. Alexander Halka – 

“Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service. Without it, nothing is possible, With it nothing is impossible” 

– Mary Mcleod Bethune

Support Staff

Mrs. Janet Huderski – Art (Grades K-8)

Ms. Samantha Escobedo – Physical Education 

Ms. Genesis Reyes - Teacher Aide

Ms. Sade Moore - Guidance Counselor